Adopt your olive tree and watch it grow

Min 2
From October to December

A workshop activity aimed at bringing children and adults closer to the culture of extra virgin olive oil.
The path includes the illustration of this supply chain, teaching respect for nature and the gifts of the earth through raising awareness of the ecological and social importance of agriculture.
From the presentation of the olive tree and its fruits from a scientific point of view to the complete description of the production cycle, to the harvest and the description of how they are pressed in the oil mill. The different local cultivars of the Mediterranean scrub will be analysed. There will be a visit to the centuries-old olive trees and the organoleptic characteristics linked to the heritage of the plant will be explained.
Subsequently we proceed with the organic oil tasting guide. In fact, the tasting techniques will be explained, moving from the olfactory phase to evaluate the intensity of the fruit to the gustatory one to appreciate the different nuances, strengths and weaknesses that characterize extra virgin olive oil.
The final phase of the journey involves the adoption of the olive tree. This operation consolidates the bond of both adults and children to the territory and nature. In fact, at the end of the journey, we hope to have enthralled our guests to the point of deciding to give a name to the centuries-old plant chosen and make it their own. It will be pleasant to feel like a farmer knowing that you can return and harvest your own olives where you have created a strong experience.
The route can take place all year round but to be able to feel like complete olive growers and be able to harvest olives the ideal months are from October to December


  • Guided tour of the company to learn about olive oil
  • Organic snack with bruschetta with oil

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