From the garden to the kitchen with your hands

Min 10
5 h
From January to December

An old farmhouse built in 1930, which hosted and fed General George Smith Patton’s troops during the Second World War, offers all the authenticity of making our guests aware of and actively participating in the various manufacturing processes ranging from harvesting to cooking the products agricultural and household.
The experience begins with the arrival at the facility and explanation of the characteristics of the flours that will be used for the dough from which to obtain the dough for the subsequent production of bread and Cuddruruni.
While the dough is left to rise, the Girgintana sheep or goat is milked.
Subsequently, the milk obtained is poured into the large pot called u Callaruni to heat it and prepare it for the preparation of ricotta and cheese.
While the “Caglia” milk will be moved on to the next collection of fresh seasonal products.
After turning on the wood oven, take the leavened dough and work to create Bread and Cuddruruni.
Taking advantage of the oven on, you can dedicate yourself to harvesting aubergines, onions and peppers in the garden to then be able to clean and cook them.
In the meantime, ricotta and cheese will be ready to be tasted together with hot freshly baked bread accompanied with vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.
Finally, you can cook the pasta which will then be seasoned with fresh tomatoes picked and cooked to make spaghetti alla Carrettera.
To better savor everything there will be a local red wine and to conclude an almond and pistachio dessert.

The products may vary depending on the season.

N.B.: Free for children up to 5 years old


  • Harvesting vegetables
  • Dough for pizza and bread
  • Country activity
  • Tasting of the products made

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