Puss in Boots… by Vucciria

Min 6
3 h
All year long

Once upon a time… there was a king? No
A princess? No
A dragon? No
Once upon a time there was a very clever cat who lived in the heart of Palermo, exactly in the Vucciria market. Although his owner was a not very bright boy, this cat managed to change his life for the better!
A rereading of Perrault’s fairy tale set in the alleys of the city to discover the markets and the “gold of Palermo”. A different way to experience the city and visit the neighborhoods overlooking the Cala, the ancient port of the city. A delicious opportunity to taste street food delicacies and meet the inventors of an unmissable book!

N.B.: at the end of the tour you will be able to meet the illustrators of the book and a copy will be given to each family.


  • Tour with authorized tour guide
  • Tasting of Palermo's gold: panelle, crocchè
  • Book "Puss in Boots of Vucciria" for every family

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