Rediscovering Senses

Min 5
3 h
From September to June

After a brief presentation of the farm, the children will begin a guided tour of the animals (including rabbits, geese, turkeys, Girgentan goats, the donkey and the peacock), learning habits and curiosities about the life of each of them. This will be followed by a moment of in-depth study of the world of sowing or harvesting after which they will be able to make some typical delights of the area with their own hands (biscuits, pizza or busiata – fresh pasta typical of Trapani). We will continue in the aroma garden to discover aromatic herbs to learn more about their collection and how the aromas used in cooking are created. After this sensory activity you will be able to see (from afar!) the bees and the roles of the queen bee, the scavenger bee and the guardian bee will be explained to the children. A large family in which each bee has a very specific role!
This will be followed by a creative moment linked to nature and colors with some tactile games and then concluded (for children aged 8 and up) with a moment of study of the fossils found in the area.
During the visit a snack with homemade products will be offered. Parents will be able to enjoy an area at their disposal or follow their child during the visit. It is also possible to organize a cooking class for adults (for a fee).
At the end of the experience, each child will be able to take with them the product created and a sachet of aromas collected in the garden.


  • Visit to the farm
  • “Hands-on” activities
  • Sensory activity in the aroma garden
  • Insight into the world of bees
  • Creative moment and tactile games
  • Snack for the child and his companion

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